Reduce Belly Fat. The Best 4 Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat Without Doing Sit Ups by Tracy Z. Williams

Do you hate doing sit ups? Do you find that sit ups hurt your back and neck? Do you still want to reduce belly fat and get a flat stomach?

If you are motivated to reduce belly fat without doing sit ups, you will need to start by having your diet under control and working out with aerobic exercise and weight training up to two times per day. To reduce belly fat you must lose weight all over your body, unfortunately we cannot spot reduce and just have a flat belly on a fat body.......

Here are 5 exercises to reduce belly fat without doing sit ups. Add these exercises to your normal exercise routine.

Leg circles. Lie on the floor on your back. Bring your feet in so that both feet are flat on the ground with knees bent at 90%. Keeping your back flat and your stomach muscles tight, bring your right leg up to the ceiling. Use your foot to 'draw' small circles on the ceiling, moving only your leg, not your hips or spine. As you get better draw larger circles. Repeat in the other direction and switch legs.

One hundreds Lie on the floor on your back. Bring your legs up so that your feet are pointing about 45 degrees from the floor. Bring your hands to your thighs with your arms straight. Pull your abs in tightly, holding your belly button to your spine and lift head and shoulders off the ground. Keeping your back on the floor, press your hands up and down, counting each beat. Lower the legs as much as you can without causing pressure on your back, and making sure your back remains pressed to the floor. Inhale for 5 and exhale for 5 until you reach 100.

The Plank or hover. The aim here is to raise your entire body off the floor, supported by just your forearms and knees, similar to a push up position. Your trunk and abdominal section stay straight and rigid. To begin, lie on the floor on your stomach, with your forearms touching the floor, beside your chest. Raise your body up off the ground so that you are holding your back straight and looking straight ahead. Your weight is evenly distributed between your knees and your forearms. Contract your stomach muscles and Hold for 15-20 seconds. For more of a challenge, straighten your legs and hold your body off the floor from your toes and forearms. Remember to keep your stomach tight for the entire exercise and breath This move is similar to doing crunches. Lie on the floor on your back. Bring your feet in, so that your knees are bent at 90% with your feet on the floor. Bring your hands to your thighs with your arms straight. Pull your abs in tightly, holding your belly button to your spine and lift head and shoulders of the ground. Keeping your back on the floor, press your hands up and down,

Scissors. This is a great exercise to reduce stomach fat without doing sit ups. Lie on the floor on your back, prop yourself on your elbows with your arms bent at 90 degrees. Have your legs straight. Contract your stomach muscles, pulling your belly button to your spine and bring one leg straight up so that it is about 1 foot from the floor. Quickly alternate legs, breathing with each change. Repeat for 20 seconds, do not rush this exercise, take it slowly and be mindful of breathing and keeping your stomach muscles tight.

These exercises are all great for strengthening your core muscles and are the best ways to reduce belly fat without doing sit ups. If you feel pain or discomfort while doing any of these movements seek medical advice.

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Writers - Make Money with a Blog by Paul Jesse

Writing is a career where one can become an overnight success or keep struggling for years without making any money and possibly end up changing to another career. There are problems trying to find an publisher to accept and publish your book or novel or a magazine editor to print your article or column. Hopefully this situation may not arrise often in this day and time, thanks to the internet.....

Years ago, people in the writing profession had to depend on others to earn; today's writers may now produce an income from their writing by switching their passion to write into a business. Difficult as it might sound, this effort may indeed constitute an easy-to-achieve possibility with the use of the internet and blogs. Amazing, as it might appear, you will be able to make money with a blog by just whipping up your hidden writing talent.

If you are new to the internet and don't know what a blog is, or you've been working on or surfing the internet for years, making money with a blog is a possibility that you'll be able to accomplish with a little planning. Here are a few tips that should be able to help you:

1. Earn working with Google - What once constituted merely a search engine Google now comprises one of the the worlds most powerful enterprises, not only in terms of its reach, but also in terms of its income generating possibilities. You will be able to earn from Google by utilizing their free service called AdSense. All that's required of you is to have a blog and sell space on your page for advertisements to be posted by AdSense. The service would then permit you to show ad units - ad boxes - that would show ads associated with the subjects you write on in your blog.

For example, you wrote about the piano you just brought, then the ad unit probably would show ads about pianos. When your visitors click on any of these ads, you'd get paid a certain amount. Once your income reaches one hundred dollars, You would then receive a check. 2. Advertise additional Profitable Web Sites- numerous online businesses offer affiliate programs. These programs work by you having their advertisements placed on your blog. When a visitor clicks the ad and makes a purchase from that company the ad represents, you would earn a commission or a referral fee. Many gurus in internet marketing run such programs including large corporations like, eBay and many others. The income you are able to earn varies depending on each company's payment policies.

3. Sell Ads - The downside of Google advertisements and affiliate programs is you don't actually have much control over your income and the ads that are showed on your blog. If you would like to play more seriously in the ad marketing game, then you could apply BlogAds' free databases where you will be able to set your own price for advertisers to place ads on your blog. Several companies search for blogs that match their products and services and rent ad space the same as they do when using those traditional billboards you see along the freeways. Your ad space could then be leased for a certain time period. You would have to pay twenty percent of your income to BlogAd.

4. Donations - several blogs have donation buttons on them. And admittedly, numerous enthusiastic fans and visitors might be willing to make a contribution as a sign of appreciation for your well-written, compelling, and informative blog. Donation buttons are available from PayPal, the renowned online internet service, who would receive a fee for this service when people decide to make a donation. Like options are extended by Amazon and BitPass.

5. Open an Online shopping mall - if your blog becomes so popular that thousands of visitors from all over the world visit it daily. Then you might benefit from that traffic by marketing gifts and souvenirs. And the good news is you would not have to place your logo on those gifts, T-shirts or baseball caps. CafePress would do it for you. CafePress extends to sell for you anything from those precious buttons to defying outerware. The asking price is up to you; you only have to pay the base price of the merchandise.

Making money with a blog is not as difficult as it appears. But naturally like any adventure to make money, you have be be good at doing your job. Keep learning and never give up and You will have the potential to make big earnings utilizing your blog .

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How to Use Free Content As An Internet Marketing Technique by Maxine York

Now that you understand the objective of using articles as a online marketing technique, here's a cool way to start the implementation.

The Preparation

To start, you don't have to be an award winning writer to have effective articles to be used as online marketing techniques. Actually, you can hire a professional ghost writer to write them for you. Just search somewhere like Elance dot-com for example. When you post your project on a site like that, make sure to provide detailed instructions to the writer to ensure that the standards are what you are looking for.....

In addition to great content, you need to make sure that you post regular content to article directories. The more visibility that your writing has, the more you become an authority on your business site. Be sure to post content several times per month to both article directories and to other related websites.

Tricks to Make Articles Successful as a An Internet Marketing Technique

Post your writing to an article submission site. Search for article directories that are relevant to your products and then read the FAQ section to understand their requirements for posting. One of the most popular article sites is EzineArticles dot-com. Some sites will allow you to include direct links and some will allow for a signature box at the end of your article. Some allow just one. Try to choose a article directory that allows you to include a signature box at the end of your articles.

If direct links are allowed, use text links in order to drive traffic to your business website. This way the reader can get even more information from you. If the article directory allow you to include a signature box, be sure to carefully craft yours for optimal click through rates for your business. When you are writing a signature box, the first 1-2 lines should be a description of yourself and your business. Be clear, not too salesy and include a short fact about your business. The next line should be a call to action to get a click. Consider using a free audio or anything else that would bring the prospect to click on the embedded link.

Another technique that you should implement when using articles as a online marketing technique is search engine optimization (SEO). This technique is the inclusion of specific keywords throughout the wri

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Feel free to reprint this article with permission so long as this resource box stays in tact.

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