Marketing Strategies: How to Keep Clients Longer by Kendall Summerhawk

Marketing Strategies: How to Keep Clients Longer by Kendall Summerhawk

If you're offering packages, coaching groups, platinum-style programs (what I call "PSPs"), consulting or membership programs through your business, keeping your clients motivated and accountable is something to which you should pay close attention.

One of the most fun ways to accomplish this is by creating friendly, healthy contests that make it exciting for your women entrepreneur clients to stretch beyond what they currently think is possible and create breakthrough results.

I've experimented with creating contests and "everyone-can-win" competitions in my PSPs and clients love them!...

My contests are designed so that everyone has a chance to win, as each participant competes WITH herself, not against anyone else. This is important because it honors my values that:

Each of us is capable of achieving more than we think possible.

When each of us stretches and grows we allow others to do the same.

There is abundant success available to each of us, without taking away from anyone else.

For example, one mini-contest that clients just completed was to raise their gross income by 30% within a 60 day period. The prize was a valuable e-book, by small business marketing expert Sandra Martini, titled "How to Repurpose Your Work: Do It Once and Get Paid Again AND Again". It normally sells for $147.00.

Initially, most clients didn't think they could win, especially since the 60-day time period extended over the months of December and January (not usually great months to increase business).

But, the women entrepreneurs took the challenge seriously! Before they knew it, the 60 days were up and a whopping 50% of participants had succeeded in winning the prize! And, they now know what it takes to increase their income by 30% in a short period of time, which means they'll be able to easily do it again.

Can any coaching, consulting, organizing, training or other service-style business create a contest? Of course!

Here are a few simple small business marketing ideas to spark your creative thinking create clever and motivating contests for your clients:

For the Executive Business Coach - Create a challenge for your clients to increase their team's productivity by 20% in 30 days. The prize? A pair of tickets to their favorite professional league game, or a private lesson with a semi-pro golf instructor at a local exclusive club.

For the Marketing Coach - Challenge your clients to increase their mailing lists by 20% or their income by 30% in a 60-day time frame. The prize? A coveted information product.

For the Holistic Health Practitioner - Ask your clients to take three five-minute "breathing" breaks at the same time each day for one month. The prize? An extra session with you!

For the Career Coach - Create a two-week challenge that motivates your clients to complete their personal assessments and new career investigation assignments in record time. The prize? Dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant.

For the Professional Organizer - Challenge your women entrepreneur clients to clean out the clutter in five areas of their office in five days. The prize? A one-day trip to a local day spa.

The trick to making your contest or challenge work is to set the bar at a specific number or dollar amount, making it high enough so that reaching it feels like a stretch. Be sure to keep the timeframe 60 days or less (or people will lose motivation), and make the prize a coveted item, even if it is one they could buy it for themselves (because that's not the point).

Another small business marketing tip: Although you are supplying the prize you don't have to pay for it out of your own pocket. You can easily get another business to donate the prize, especially if you offer that business publicity by mentioning them in your newsletter, writing a press release or giving them a glowing testimonial they can use on their website.

It's human nature to want to "best" ourselves, so why not take advantage of this innate quality through contests? Use contests to help your client create accountability, break through perceived limits, and create extraordinary results for themselves, thanks to your creative inspiration!

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Would you like to learn more creative tips to retain customers that help entrepreneurs to quickly move away from "dollars-for-hours work" and create more money, time and freedom in their businesses? Check out my web site,, for free articles, free resources and to sign up for my free audio mini-seminar "7 Quick and Simple Tips to Brand, Package and Price Your Services for More Money, Time and Freedom in You

Federer Needs To Check The Deeds On His Property Portfolio (A Satirical View) by Paul Gold

With the recent World economic downturn which has had an impact on the housing market it has come to light that Roger Federer has been inspecting his property portfolio

The business empire that has been built up over the past 6 or 7 years with many properties dotted around the globe is now under scrutiny.

Looking back, it quickly becomes obvious that the fortunes of this company was built around the now substantial Hotel he bought from the Swedish Borg organization in Wimbledon, the apartment block in New York, the lovely house in Melbourne and the apartment in Paris...

Apparently the apartment he has in Paris is up for sale as it doesn't look as though he will be spending a lot of time there in the future and the shadow cast over it by the ever expanding Spanish hotel that stands opposite is keeping the light out. In fact on Sunday after the French Open the apartment had no electricity and in fact needed candles in most rooms to see what was happening.

There is now speculation about the large hotel he has at Wimbledon as there are apparently buyouts on the close horizon from a Serbian company as well as a very serious bid from the Spanish company who own the big Hotel in Paris.

The nice house in Melbourne and the Apartment block in New York are ok for the moment but could well be affected by recent events in Paris and upcoming events in Wimbledon.

All in all it's a worrying time for the Federer group as the boom times of the past few years have slowed down and it's only the casino win in Estoril that is of note this calendar year and if things don't change it is conceivable that they will not be the number 1 real estate company by the end of the year as they have been for the last 4 years.

Also there is now real doubt over whether they can overturn the record figures posted by the American company Sampras a few years back, when it seemed a formality this time last year.

But a year is a long time in this business and a slide in fortune by one company that coincides with the upturn in fortune by one or two others quickly closes any gaps that existed and shifts the momentum and tide in a completely different direction.

Unfortunately for Federer, the tide that carried them to record after record in recent years seems to have shifted, bringing others players into the game whilst slowing them down at the same time.

One could say they were now beginning to swim against this tide!

I hope they just don't swallow too much water along the way and can find a nice island to relax on before they go under!

About the Author

Paul Gold is a Tennis Performance Enhancement Specialist. For more info go to

Where Do I Start Pay Per Click Search Marketing ? by Wazir Singh

Whether you are starting to get into doing business online, or your business has been online for a while but you have simply gotten the attention that you need, pay per click search marketing might be exactly what you are looking for. For a while now, people have been using pay per click advertisements to bring relevant business to their site and in various cost comparisons, it is clear that this type of marketing is coming out far ahead of other methods of advertising...

If you are curious about pay per click search marketing and what it can do for you, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Essentially, when you decide that you want to try this kind of advertising, you will create a small ad referring to your site that will be put up on a larger site that many people frequently look at. Then, whenever anyone clicks that ad, they will be taken to your site, and if they stay there for more than five or ten seconds, you will pay the hosting site a very small amount of money. The sites that provide you with hosting when it comes to this sort of advertisement are usually large, with a large amount of traffic and will have some relationship to the product or services that you are trying to put across.

One of the most obvious advantages to pay per click is that you will only pay when people come to your site, that is, when the ad is used. Many people like the direct utility of these services. Rather than paying for a month s worth of advertisements that might bring you no clients, here, you will only pay when people notice the advertisement and then go on to your site. While you may be worried that your competitors might constantly click your ads to drive up your revenues, you ll find that this is simply not worth the time and does not happen.

When you use pay per click marketing, you will also have the advantage of using directed, targeted marketing. Your ad will only show up on sites where the browsers are already interested in something related to your services. One of the largest pay per click advertising opportunities out there is Google Adwords. Your small ad will show up when people search on Google for a phrase or term that you designate. Next to the natural search results, you'll find that your ad shows up along the top or on the sidebar.

For many people, part of the appeal about pay per click marketing is the immediacy. When the ad goes up, you will have a good idea as to whether or not it is effective. Many people will notice a sharp increase of visitors to their site after the ad is placed, and you can teach a lot about how best to market your product in this fashion. Finding a good pay per click service can teach you a great deal about your business and your target demographic.

Pay per click search marketing is something that is very simple to use, but at the same time is nearly essential to making online in business today. Make sure that this opportunity to promote yourself doesn't pass you by; see what it can do for your business as soon as possible.

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10 Easy Steps to Automatic MLM Recruiting - Revisited - Part 1 Article Marketing by Eli Gonzalez

Several Weeks ago I wrote an article on 10 Easy Steps To Automatic MLM Recruiting. It described how to combine online affiliate marketing and network marketing together to form the future of Network Marketing... rejection free magnetic sponsoring. The first Step was to drive traffic to a Lead Capture Page either from free traffic sites, article marketing, or Pay Per Click campaigns like Google AdWords.

Leading individuals to your lead capture page is a must. Suffice to say, it's the gateway where you offer something of value for free, usually information. In turn the individual will give you something of value in return his name and email address and permission for you to email him/her valuable information that might help them out in their ventures.

Now, some of you will not get how offering something of high value is going to get you leads that might turn into sign ups in your business, but trust me it does! I will go over how all of that works in an upcoming article. Today is about web traffic...

There are many ways to drive traffic to that page. Today I will only cover one of my favorite article marketing and I think it will become one of your favorites specially if you don't have a large budget for marketing.

Article marketing is a great way for someone to start to drive quality targeted traffic to their lead capture page for free. And while it might be free it is also some of the best traffic you can have coming to your website. You see you will attract the kind of people that are attracted to you!

That is something that you can not put enough value on! When you write something it comes out in your own voice, and that unique voice will attract a much different person than if I wrote about the same subject.

And don't worry if you think you can write. I 'm not a writer and if you don't believe me ask my wife! :0) She is the proof reader in our family. But I don't have her proof read what I write for Article Marketing. Why? Because it's not about proper English... its about having a conversation with the reader. Write like you would talk to a friend.

What should you write about? This may sound simplistic, but write about things that people want the answers to. If you are in network marketing you know what everyone needs . . . more prospects, more customers, and how to reach them.

One of the easiest things to write about is doing a review on a Network Marketing book you read, or meeting you went to. Record the review in your own words like you were speaking to a friend, and then write what you said.

If you attend your company's functions, read books, attend trainings, go to seminars, and attend webinars and teleseminars you will never run out of things to write about.

O.K. How does this turn into traffic already?! Well you will submit your article to article directories like ezinearticles[dot]com and in turn people will find your articles and click on your links that will take them to your lead capture page.

Now you can't just write an article about your company and put links to your lead capture pages. They won't accept that. However, most article directories will have what they call a "Resource Box". There you can put a small biography of yourself and a link to your blog or other webpage you would want someone to see like your own lead capture page.

The best way to learn how to do this is going to an article directory, become a member, read a few articles on the things you would like to write about and see what they are doing. Then write one of your own and submit it.

To drive traffic enough traffic you will want to write at least one article per day submitted to at least 5 to 10 article directories for the first 90 days. By the end of the 90 days you will have established a great stream of traffic that will keep people clicking on your links. This will be sending people to your lead capture page way into the future.

You'll want to keep the articles short about 500 to 600 words, which I'm way over in this article so look for the next article as I will be letting you know about other free ways to drive traffic to your lead capture page.

If you would like more information on article marketing don't forget to read the resource box bellow.

To the TOP! Eli Gonzalez -"The King of the Online Recruiting Machine!" -

About the Author

Eli Gonzalez is an Expert Internet Network Marketer that helps others to brand themselves online. You can learn more about how to brand yourself online by visiting his blog at

p.s. "Learn How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single Lead?" ==>

Quick Way to Have Online Background Check Service by Robert Boughner

Technology answers our need to access more information. With the aid of computers we can go around, know different places, and be aware of new things without leaving our homes. All we will need is to have an internet connection. With that, you can easily have access a lot of different information. These days, there are also sites that can be of great help for your personal or business purposes - this is online background check...

Through an online background check, you can do your own investigations. Others hire private investigators to obtain accurate details about people. But online background checks can also provide you information about one's identity. You can check whether the information given by an applicant is true or not. This way, you can say that you are doing a wise decision. A pre-employment screening is very necessary. Business wise, the process of online criminal background check is important.

Perhaps, you will ask how your company can have the online background check service. Its really very simple. First, enter the website. You have to register online. You can then place your order and have a good result without a lot of requirements. All you have to do is to fill up the details about the company or about you. Others prefer ordering via toll-free calling. Payments are even optional and you may either use credit cards or other services like Pay pal.

Employers are just being cautious in hiring applicants. Screening is a necessity since some resumes given by the applicant may not be that believable. So online background check is the answer to this problem. After all, why hire somebody whose reputation is questionable?

In ordering an online background check, employers are now comfortable with their decisions whether or not to hire a potential employee. For at least 1-3 working days, results will be in your hand and you won't have to take any risks anymore.

About the Author

Robert Boughner Article Author in Background Check Gateway

How Pre-Paid Legal Services Saved Me a Bunch of Money on Taxes by Carl Coffin

I purchased a Pre-paid legal membership two years ago. As a member I pay $26.00 a month for a wide range of legal services.

One of the benefits that came with the membership was the ability to pick up a phone anytime during normal business hours and speak with an attorney. If I wanted to chat for 30 min. or an hour it didn't matter, my monthly membership fee stays the same.

During 2005 I opened up a LLC (Limited Liability Company) for my real estate business. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I liked the asset protection that the LLC provided. In 2006 I decided to put my real estate business on hold and try something different. However, I did not close my LLC. I left it open on the pretence that I would work my real estate business in the future...

During May 2006 I decided to build a network marketing business. I left the LLC alone for an entire year. When I went to file my taxes at the beginning of 2007 I went to a local accountant. I explained my situation to her and this is what I gave her.

1. My personal income W-2

2. My business income 1099

3. LLC info.

Now, as far as my personal and 1099 were concerned they didn't present a problem, however when it came to my LLC, she told me that I would need to contact a CPA and fill out a business return.

I was confused, especially sense the LLC didn't produce any money for the year. I also knew that she wanted to charge me $500.00 to complete my return as is and a CPA would be even more.

I know this sounds cliche, but what did I do? That's right, I called my TAX ATTORNEY. I ran my situation by her and she informed me that all I had to do was file my 1040 and schedule C for my network marketing business and file an additional schedule C for my LLC just showing that the LLC made no profit for the year. That's it! No CPA!

I took my attorney's advise and filled out all the returns and submitted them electronically for a little over $100.00. I saved $400.00.

It was great to have an experienced attorney to call when I needed help. The best part is the advise I got was right on, I've had no problems with the IRS for that tax year.

Learn more about me at

About the Author

Learn More about me at

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