How to Use Free Content As An Internet Marketing Technique by Maxine York

Now that you understand the objective of using articles as a online marketing technique, here's a cool way to start the implementation.

The Preparation

To start, you don't have to be an award winning writer to have effective articles to be used as online marketing techniques. Actually, you can hire a professional ghost writer to write them for you. Just search somewhere like Elance dot-com for example. When you post your project on a site like that, make sure to provide detailed instructions to the writer to ensure that the standards are what you are looking for.....

In addition to great content, you need to make sure that you post regular content to article directories. The more visibility that your writing has, the more you become an authority on your business site. Be sure to post content several times per month to both article directories and to other related websites.

Tricks to Make Articles Successful as a An Internet Marketing Technique

Post your writing to an article submission site. Search for article directories that are relevant to your products and then read the FAQ section to understand their requirements for posting. One of the most popular article sites is EzineArticles dot-com. Some sites will allow you to include direct links and some will allow for a signature box at the end of your article. Some allow just one. Try to choose a article directory that allows you to include a signature box at the end of your articles.

If direct links are allowed, use text links in order to drive traffic to your business website. This way the reader can get even more information from you. If the article directory allow you to include a signature box, be sure to carefully craft yours for optimal click through rates for your business. When you are writing a signature box, the first 1-2 lines should be a description of yourself and your business. Be clear, not too salesy and include a short fact about your business. The next line should be a call to action to get a click. Consider using a free audio or anything else that would bring the prospect to click on the embedded link.

Another technique that you should implement when using articles as a online marketing technique is search engine optimization (SEO). This technique is the inclusion of specific keywords throughout the wri

About the Author

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Feel free to reprint this article with permission so long as this resource box stays in tact.

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